Intern Testimonials

JWF Industries is committed to providing a valuable experience for collegiate students seeking to enhance their skills, gain hands-on experience, and directly contribute to the operations of our company.

“JWF Industries exceeded my expectations. I gained so much valuable knowledge that I can carry into future employment. I gained confidence in my skills and identified weaknesses and how to improve. I also used this experience to make sense of topics I found confusing in school. I improved my accounting skills, interpersonal communication skills, and public speaking skills. Everyone I encountered was nice and welcoming. Even as an intern, I was treated as an equal and was given tasks of importance that made me feel like I was positively contributing to the company.”
– Mikayla Ball, Summer 2020 InternFinance and Accounting

“JWF exceeded my expectations. I learned and got to do way more than I could have ever expected. I would not change a thing. It was very well planned and professional. They definitely helped me prepare for a full time job.”
– Easton Shetler, Summer 2020 Intern – Engineering

“My expectations were met and exceeded. I gained insight about the industry and how IT supports it as well as plenty of responsibilities. I learned a lot more about networking, hardware, and terminal support.”
– Kady Lohr, Summer 2020 Intern – Information Technology

“JWF Industries completely exceeded my expectations. I feel extremely relieved after this internship because it gave me the experience that I needed to know that I picked the right career field for myself. My supervisor knew all of my learning objectives and worked with me daily to make sure I learned what I both wanted and needed to know. I would recommend this internship program to any student. It is evident that JWF genuinely cares about helping young adults gain experience in their field.”
– Julianna Wright, Summer 2020 Intern – Marketing Communications