Program Management

JWF Industries is capable of supporting complex and long-term customer programs. Such programs often require an investment in the development of program-specific capabilities that allow our organization to fill key roles in customer programs.

JWF Industries assigns program managers within our Strategic Business Units (SBUs) to oversee customer programs. These programs may involve:

  • Large, complex fabrications
  • Long project duration
  • Multiple orders
  • Multiple sub-tier suppliers
  • Program-specific specialized knowledge
  • Program-specific requirements or conventions
  • Program-specific customer flowdowns
  • Other organizational challenges

The program manager may coordinate multiple orders and multiple project managers who contribute to an overarching customer program.

JWF program managers will:

  • Manage application of a robust manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system
  • Complete and manage all First Article Inspection (FAI) for each part
  • Coordinate and manage planning lead times
  • Implement and manage robust and detailed bin storage locations of parts
  • Manage the organization of consistent bills of materials program
  • Oversee manufacturing routing
  • Engage subject matter experts who provide project insight and expertise in customer specifications, budgets, schedules, and critical information throughout all decision-making steps. Areas of expertise include engineering, supply chain, turn-key production, and quality assurance requirements

Program managers assemble a team of subject matter experts who provide:

  • Specialized project insight
  • Expertise in customer specifications
  • Specialized supply chain capabilities
  • Program-specific engineering assistance
  • Program-specific quality assurance guidance

The program manager serves as a single point of contact and resource coordination for a customer, providing consistent communication across multiple program elements and multiple customer orders.