COVID-19 Precautions

JWF Industries is following all recommendations from the CDC for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our staff during the evolving COVID-19 situation. (Precautions updated 4/14/2020)

JWF Industries is also taking proactive steps to support local businesses, students in the area, and the health of our community. We will continue to monitor this situation and follow any additional protocols established by health leaders.

Right People
Doing the Right Things
At the Right Places
With the Right Safety Measures

As a precaution, the following steps have been taken:

  • Employees with symptoms of illness are asked to stay home
  • All locations have been supplied with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and guidelines for cleaning work areas
  • Signs have been posted at all time clock locations to discontinue use at this time
  • Internal television screens are rotating slides with reminders to wash hands, wipe down work areas, and cover cough / sneeze
  • Two temporary employees has been hired to assist with disinfecting surfaces, including but not limited to kitchen areas, tables, door handles, and railings
  • Cleaning supplies are available to all employees
  • All employees provided spray disinfectant to use daily on plexiglass shield lenses
  • CDC and WHO flyers and website links are being sent out regularly via company-wide distribution emails
  • Updates from our insurance provider, United Healthcare, are forwarded to all employees
  • The JWF Visitor Policy is being reinforced to eliminate unscheduled traffic to our facilities, i.e.: no visitors unless specifically authorized
  • Teleconferencing is taking place where possible to reduce face-to-face meetings, and employees are not traveling between locations
  • Travel has been restricted for the safety of our employees
  • Employees are observing the six-foot rules for personal interactions at all locations
  • On-site gyms are closed until further notice
  • Employees are working remotely from home if they are able, and Fridays are work-from-home days wherever possible
  • Employee appreciation lunches are being held throughout the week to thank employees for their continuous dedication, and we continue to support local businesses through our orders