JWF Industries and Penn State Center for Supply Chain Research® Enter Sponsorship Agreement

JWF Industries is pleased to join a group of over 40 corporate sponsors for Penn State University’s Center for Supply Chain and Research® (CSCR®) at the Smeal College of Business.

For over three decades, the CSCR® has successfully built a community of researchers and leading organizations in both the private and public sectors to further the supply chain management while providing a platform for academics, industry thought leaders, experts, and peers seeking to stay current with today’s supply chain trends and challenges.

The program includes studies and research in areas of distribution, warehousing, transportation, procurement and supply, customer service, systems modeling and design, logistics information systems, and global logistics.

“We are thrilled to join Penn State as a corporate sponsor,” said William Polacek, President and CEO of JWF Industries. “The manufacturing industry is constantly seeking ways to improve supply chain processes in order to compete on a global basis as we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.  Our company is committed to keeping professionals in our region with good-paying jobs; the programs at Penn State can help provide the education needed to prepare these professionals for our industry which keeps us competitive in our respective markets. It is an honor to be part of one of  the top universities in the world for supply chain excellence.”

“After talking with Mr. Polacek and learning about JWF Industries, it was obvious that his company and our program have significant mutual interests,” said Steve Tracey, Executive Director of the Center of Supply Chain Research® and Professor of Practice, Supply Chain and Information Systems, both within the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University. “All of our sponsors have a common mindset – wanting to be great at supply chain.”

The sponsorship list for CSCR® is intentionally broad and diverse with companies from various industries, added Tracey. “We have Fortune 10 companies and small family-run businesses in the mix,” he said. “For a firm like JWF Industries, Bill and his team bring that unique perspective of a mid-size, closely held firm and can share that perspective with our other sponsors, faculty, and students. Diversity of thought is really important to our success.”

The CSCR® program was created at Penn State University in 1989. A complete list of sponsors can be found at www.smeal.psu.edu/cscr/corporate-sponsorship/cscr-corporate-sponsors.