Continued Growth for MJ Daniels and JWFI Partnership

MJ Daniels Manufacturing has a strategic partnership with JWF Industries.

MJ Daniels Manufacturing is a metal fabrication company founded by Michael Daniels, Brad Harbaugh and Frank Quitoni in 2020.

The company started with two employees in 2020, and now the current workforce has grown to 17 employees.

This growth is in large part due to the strategic planning with JWF Industries.

JWF’s philosophy “make it locally” and their strategic partnership with MJ Daniels, led to MJ Daniels purchasing additional equipment. MJ Daniels purchased a second flat steel laser and most recently purchased a tube laser at a cost of one and a half million dollars.

This partnership, starting in 2021, has driven sales from JWF to $2.9 million in revenue over a three-year span. The ongoing relationship has also helped MJ Daniels serve other local businesses.

As we look at 2024 and beyond, the strategic partnership with JWF Industries will lead to tenfold growth for MJ Daniels Manufacturing.