JWF Industries Celebrates 35 Year Anniversary

On Wednesday, August 10th JWFI hosted a 35 Year Anniversary Celebration. Thank you to Wix Pix and Cam-Ron Productions for creating a time capsule through video to help us reflect on the past 35 years.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania (August 10, 2022) – JWF Industries is celebrating its 35th Anniversary today with a private event at PNG Park.  The private event will be attended by over 425, including current employees, retirees, family, customers, suppliers, community, and political attendees.

William C. Polacek, President & CEO of JWF Industries commented that he is proud of the company that began in a two-car garage 35 years ago.  “JWF Industries could not be where it is today without the dedication of each and every one of our employees, family, customers, suppliers, and community members.  I am proud of the obstacles we have overcome together in over 35 years.  Starting out in a two-car garage welding car frames, to building the Flyer 72 vehicle from the ground up on the first assembly line of its kind in the area is something we can all be proud of here today.”

The event features guest speaker Brett Keisel, former Steelers Defensive End and Founder of Mighty Oak Adventures.  The 35th Anniversary Celebration includes music by Steel Impressions and a performance by Tuika’s Polynesian Show.  The theme of the celebration is a Hawaiian theme, complete with Luau inspired food and drink, games, prizes, and gifts for all attendees.  The Flyer 72 vehicles are also on display.

Just last week, Polacek held a ribbon-cutting event at JWF’s new 100,000 square-foot facility in Edenton, NC.  JWF acquired the North Carolina site so that it can complete orders that are so big they can only be shipped by barge.

In 2021, the need arose for a facility with access to the east coast inland waterway and the potential for future expansion of manufacturing space.  “Our strategic plan also requires us to be located near the hubs of the east coast shipbuilding industry.  Once again, the Edenton site fit the bill for us.  Our strategic planning scope includes opportunities up and down the east coast and around navy shipbuilding.  Near term we expect $2-$10 million in business, depending on the contracts we secure.”

JWF Industries designs, manufactures, and integrates metal centric products by growing with the right people, the right processes, the right markets, and the right customers.  Capabilities include program management, engineering, laser services, welding, forming, machining, and coatings.  JWF Industries and JWF Defense Systems has locations in Johnstown, PA; Baltimore, MD; Davisville, WV; and Edenton, NC.

Founder William (Bill) Polacek, President and Chief Executive of JWF Industries, started the company 35 years ago in a two-car garage with the goal of growing the company to create local jobs.  Today, the company has operating sales over $100 million.  It occupies over 1.1 million square feet of manufacturing space and currently employs over 400 professionals.  The company’s growth and success were achieved by developing and promoting skilled workers and leaders from within.

The company is dedicated to its employees, its communities, and its global customers in the energy, commercial, and defense industries. To learn more about JWF Industries, visit www.jwfi.com.