Three JWF Employees Receive Business Management for Manufacturing Certificate

John Polacek (COO/JWF Industries), Haleigh Findley, Kevin Findley, Victoria Long, Bill Polacek (President & CEO)

Haleigh Findley, Kevin Findley, and Victoria Long became the first graduates of Penn Highlands Community College and JWF’s Business Management for Manufacturing Certificate Program on Tuesday June 21, 2022. This certificate acts as a step towards an associate degree in business management for manufacturing and is open to all JWF employees.

The graduates received their certificates from Penn Highlands Community College President, Dr. Steve Nunez, at the school’s Central Park campus during a ceremony in which they were honored.

JWF President and CEO, Bill Polacek, thanked the three graduates for being the first class to “pave the way for future classes that will help grow the organization, grow themselves, and grow the community.”

Congratulations Haleigh, Kevin, and Victoria!